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Your Wedding Day Look: How’s the View From the Back?

bride with beautiful lace train

Just before couples prepare to walk down the aisle, they will often take a moment to face themselves in the mirror, making sure they look their best and reflecting on the new phase of life they are about to enter.  However, you need looking beyond what you see facing forward.  As you prepare to said I Do, consider your wedding day look and ask yourself “how’s the view from the back”.  You see, in a traditional American ceremony, guests will see the back of the couple more than anything.  So here are 5 easy tips to make sure you look your best, front and back, coming and going.

Every lady wants to look snatched on her big day. So be sure to get a professional tailor to alter your gown.  You don’t want extra bulges of fabric around your waist indicating the dress is too big or have major back cleave between your shoulder blades because it’s too small.

I love you, so I’m going to be direct here….you have to know what style dress is best suited for your body type.  if you are a busty woman or are carrying a few extra pounds, a super low back dress may not be the style for you.  Not only do you risk exposing your undergarments (another no-no, let’s keep our secrets secret), but you are also risking sharing heaping servings of back fat with your guests.  Your future spouse may love all your curves and all your edges, but you don’t need to share them with your family and friends.

If you have selected a gown with a corset gown, please make sure the person tying you up keeps your lacing flat and equally spaced.  Also, remind them to tuck in the bunny ears and loose ends of the laces.  We don’t want draw attention to your bum with a big bow and long tails swinging behind you.

When you find the perfect gown, be sure to try on veils before your appointment ends.  Look in the mirror & see which length compliments the gown the best and hits you in just the right place.  I’m not saying you have to purchase the veil. Just check the length.  Here’s why….having a fingertip veil might look great from the front, but, if you’re blessed with curves & wearing a fitted gown, it may lay in a way in the back that will highlight all your “assets” for your guests.  The point here, just make sure the length of the veil fits you just as well as the shape of the gown does.

Oh, another point on the veil, on your wedding day make sure your veil is pinned/clipped in your hair straight, centered & securely. You don’t want it falling out on your way down the aisle (yes, that actually happened to one bride!) or in the middle of your photos.

This one is a no-brainer.  Make sure you love your hair style and that it’s perfect from the front, sides & back. Ensure that any hair accessory or hair jewelry is placed securely & properly.  Oh, and can I be direct again?   Please keep in mind that it doesn’t take long for cheap weave to get tangled, messy, & matted.  So just like you’ve invested in your gown, shoes & jewelry, invest in good hair for your big day!  You don’t want folks to say that you only looked good from the neck down.

Check out our blog page for more wedding planning tips. Happy planning.

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