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March 2023

Navy and Gold | Simple, Modern, Fun & Elegant | Blair & Nate

Blair & Nate met in 2005 when they were in 7th grade. Six years later, after becoming friends in their senior year of high school, they had their first date to Lincoln Park Zoo. By September 2018, they married with a modern, simple & fun celebration. We had planned for the first look and pre-ceremony pics to be taken on… Read More »Navy and Gold | Simple, Modern, Fun & Elegant | Blair & Nate

History of the Wedding Cake

The History In 1840, Queen Victoria (the great-great-great grandmother of Prince William and Harry) married Prince Albert.  Their wedding featured the first modern, and extravagant, wedding cake. It was a large tiered cake with white icing, measured nine feet in circumference and weighed nearly 300 pounds!!  But the history of the wedding cake goes beyond the royal family. The origin of… Read More »History of the Wedding Cake

History of the Bridal Bouquet

The History Women love flowers.  They love to receive them as a gift, to decorate their home or even to wear them, but there’s nothing more special for many than to carry a bouquet of flowers on her wedding day.   A bride’s bouquet is an integral part of her wedding day “look.”  Whether the wedding itself is a lavish, opulent… Read More »History of the Bridal Bouquet