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If there’s one thing you should know about SouthWind Events, it’s that we care about marriage – healthy, successful, long-term marriage. Yes, the wedding is a beautiful experience where we celebrate the joining of two lives, but it’s just one day. The marriage, however, is expected to be “until death separates” you. As such, we believe […]

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5 Things to Discuss Before You Get Married

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Eenie, meenie, minee, moe, catch a piggy by the toe…. Maybe I’m aging myself here, but as a child, this was one of the ways we picked teams when playing with our friends.  It seemed to keep it fair & random, with the least chance of someone getting their feelings hurt (although there was always […]

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

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Just before couples prepare to walk down the aisle, they will often take a moment to face themselves in the mirror, making sure they look their best and reflecting on the new phase of life they are about to enter.  However, you need looking beyond what you see facing forward.  As you prepare to said […]

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Your Wedding Day Look: How’s the View From the Back?

Your wedding day is one that should be filled with great joy.  It marks the start of the beginning of a new chapter in your life and a new and exciting journey with your love.  However, for those who have lost people they love dearly, there may be lingering feelings of sadness or disappointment because […]

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4 Ways to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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Flower Girl Questions Do I need a flower girl in my ceremony? No, you do not need a flower girl or flower child as part of your wedding ceremony.  While flower children can add a great cute factor, but they aren’t necessary.  So feel free to do away with tradition if you’re not interested or […]

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Flower Girl 101


Now that I’ve finally started this blog, I get to share some of our amazing weddings. Ciara first contacted us about planning her wedding in January 2018. The months we spent with her walking through the planning process were so much fun! In fact, some of our wedding planning meetings turned into a watch party […]


Lavender and Silver, Laughter and Love | Odyssey Country Club | Ciara and Thomas

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Introduction After months, or years, of planning, it’s finally the week of your big day!  All the vendors are paid and you’re counting down the hours.   One of the last major milestones is the wedding rehearsal.  So let’s address a few myths and make some things clear about this wedding related event. First things first.  […]

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Wedding Rehearsals – The Real Deal

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Introduction Wedding vendor discounts …let’s talk about it!   Everyone loves to save money.  We all want a good deal. A bargain. The best value. However, value is relative and comes in a lot of forms. What we offer our clients is a value because the service is impeccable. We provide a full client experience, not […]

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Why Wedding Vendor Discounts Should Be Cancelled

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Introduction In our blog Wedding Rehearsals – The Real Deal, we debunk some myths about rehearsals and answer some frequently asked questions.  Today, we’re going to give you 11 steps to an easy and efficient wedding rehearsal. 7 Things To Do BEFORE the Rehearsal Hire a wedding planner (or coordinator)I’m sure you’re thinking “of course she would say […]

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11 Steps to an Easy Wedding Rehearsal

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the ultimate packing list With everything that’s going on leading up to your wedding, packing for your big day can feel like a monumental task.  You want to make sure you have everything, but also don’t want to overpack.  On top of that, add “stress brain.”   You know it, when you feel like you’re missing […]

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Wedding Day Packing Checklist

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