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Wedding Day Packing Checklist

the ultimate packing list

With everything that’s going on leading up to your wedding, packing for your big day can feel like a monumental task.  You want to make sure you have everything, but also don’t want to overpack.  On top of that, add “stress brain.”   You know it, when you feel like you’re missing something, but not quite sure what it is.  Well, we want to help by sharing this ultimate Wedding Day Packing Checklist.   From attire to emergency fixers, we’ve got you covered.   Since you also may be packing for your honeymoon, consider asking a trusted member of your family or wedding party to make sure this list is covered for you.  That will at least take one thing off your To Do list.

Click here to get your copy of the Wedding Day Packing List

While this list may cover all the common wedding day needs (and mishaps), there may be some unique scenarios that aren’t addressed. In those cases, reach out to your wedding planner for help. They will likely have a much more exhaustive emergency kit handy or have the means to help or advise you in other situations.

Happy planning.

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