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4 Ways to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one that should be filled with great joy.  It marks the start of the beginning of a new chapter in your life and a new and exciting journey with your love.  However, for those who have lost people they love dearly, there may be lingering feelings of sadness or disappointment because that special person can’t be present.  While this can be hard emotionally, there are ways ease the burden and honor those who mean so much.   Here are 4 ways to remember loved one at your wedding:

Create a special moment to honor those you’ve lost by displaying photos or other significant memorabilia.  Scale the table (cocktail table or long banquet table) based on the quantity of items you want to display.   Whatever the size, the table can be accented with candles, flowers, even signage of choice.   If you want to create something more dynamic, consider having a screen (on the table or mounted on a wall) that shows a looped slideshow of photos & videos.  Be careful, though, of noise levels if you opt for videos.  Whichever display type, just be sure to create a special moment to share with all your guests.

Dedicate a chair to honor your loved ones.   Place flowers or other mementos in a dedicated chair as a way to “hold their seat” during the ceremony.  Not only does this indicate their significance in your life.  It also gives the feeling that they are present and able to witness you exchanging your vows.

As you hold your loved ones in your heart, you can also hold them in your hand as you walk down the aisle.  Adding a small photos, a family heirloom broach, even a small pendant with a special message to your bouquet is a unique way to keep those special people close to you on your wedding day.

Let your loved one walk with you down the aisle by adding pendants with photos or messages to your wedding shoes.  These don’t impact the comfort of your shoe or your ability to walk.  They do, however, offer the most unique and subtle way to honor your loved one.

While there are many ways to remember your loved ones at your wedding, the most important thing is to keep it genuine and heartfelt.  And, whatever way you choose to do it, make sure your photographer and videographer capture the moment.  Holding the memory of the memorial has brought may couples great peace as the years moved on.

Wishing you great peace.  Happy planning.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and your family is looking for a way to celebrate their life, especially during COVID, consider creating a memorial website or tribute video.

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